We are a small software company located at the Glass Lab office building in the industrial eastside of Portland, Oregon.

Our software – Cerbo EHR – is a cloud-based electronic health records (EHR) and patient portal software system. Healthcare offices across the country – and some around the world – use Cerbo for most everything they do in their day-to-day. Cerbo originally started as a developer’s nights-and-weekends project. And has grown into one of the leading EHR systems for functional or “root cause” medicine, and membership- or cash-based clinics. Because of our unique origins, we often approach things a bit differently. That is, success for us is not just about the bottom line. It’s more about providing a great product, operating with integrity, and supporting our clients and our team.


We are currently hiring for a full-time, entry-level Tech Support Specialist. That person would provide customer support directly to the users of our software and their patients, via phone and our ticketing system. Specifically, they would:

  • Answer support phone calls and/ or respond to email tickets during assigned support shifts. This could involve a regular work day schedule, or a staggered Sun-Thurs work week, with a Sunday support shift, depending upon the candidates interest and availability.
  • Resolve, triage, or escalate support issues as appropriate.
  • Add notes in the client’s file for future reference. For example, noting a common issue for that client, or a feature request.
  • Conduct screen-sharing calls to troubleshoot issues or answer questions.
  • Write and update help articles.
  • Assist with lab integrations and testing.
  • Build custom forms/ questionnaires using HTML/ CSS/ PHP.
  • Help with testing out new or updated features.
  • Otherwise use their unique skills and talents to help the team!

We all pitch in on technical support. And we all help each other with the miscellaneous tasks and issues that arise, so the exact mix of job responsibilities and day-to-day work will vary.

The job requires excellent interpersonal skills, uncommon common sense, patience, and the ability to quickly gain proficiency on a complicated technical system. The ideal candidate would also have customer service experience, experience in a healthcare setting, and/or experience (or interest) in basic coding (HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL).

Depending upon interest and aptitude, there is room to grow from the support specialist position into another role in the company. For example, account management, sales, marketing, or development.


Most of the team is in Portland, OR, although we have a few fully remote staff members based elsewhere. Our preference is to hire someone local, but we would consider a remote hire – especially Eastern time zone. We connect as a team via Slack throughout the day, and hold team meetings via video call.

Compensation for this position is $35,000-$42,000 per year, with generous end-of-year performance bonuses and opportunities for growth. We also provide medical and dental health insurance coverage, 401k plan, flexible PTO, standing desks/ ergonomic equipment by request, and host periodic staff meals and happy hours.


Please send a resume and cover letter to Ajé at jobs@cer.bo.