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Supplement Management

Using our extensive supplements database or your custom list, easily prescribe and manage supplement prescriptions, renewals, and even inventory in Cerbo.

Supplements are fully integrated into charting, the Patient Dashboard, and the Patient Portal. A generic supplement database is included. Plus add your own supplements directly into the EHR, send us a spreadsheet to import, or import from a linked online supplement dispensary like Fullscript.

When prescribing, you can quickly add detailed dosing information – including a time of day dosing grid – and save one or more default dosing profiles for future use. And you can group multiple supplements together using Chart Parts to quickly prescribe set protocols that you use.

The patient’s current supplements appear prominently on the Patient Dashboard, remaining easily accessible even when you have an encounter note open, hublot replica watches and on the Patient Portal. The supplements and medications lists share space on the Patient Dashboard, but you can choose to have the supplements list display in front if you do not generally prescribe medications.

Practices that sell supplements can use our integrated inventory system to dispense and track inventory and link up their EHR inventory to their online Shopify store. Looking to outsource supplement ordering and fulfillment? Cerbo also integrates with Fullscript, Wholescripts, Wellevate, and NutrimentRx.