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Practice Management

Not only is Cerbo a powerful tool for charting and for patient communication, but it also has a number of useful features to help practices run smoothly and efficiently.
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  • Cerbo  has a full calendar and scheduling dashboard that makes it simple to manage patient appointments, provider on-call schedules, patient reminders, and tasks.
  • The scheduling dashboard allows users to have a concise snapshot view of everything current in the system, including upcoming appointments, tasks, and patient portal requests.
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Integrated Billing

  • Cerbo’s integrated billing functions have all that you need to assign charges, handle credit card processing, process recurring subscription charges, create invoices and HCFA-1500 reimbursement forms, and generate billing reports.
  • Your Cerbo build comes pre-loaded with a list of the most common family practice charges and any specialty charge lists that you request.
  • For direct-pay practices or anyone who needs to be able to accept payments on the spot, we also support embedded credit card processing with Stripe or Bluefin.
  • For direct pay and concierge clinics, Cerbo supports automatic recurring subscription payments.
  • Cerbo’s billing reporting functions generate billing reports suitable for sending to a third party billing service or for internal practice management and administration.
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Robust Reporting

  • Using Cerbo’s built-in reporting functionality tool you can easily track billing, practice growth and practitioner activity, and generate a wide variety of patient and practice reports.
  • Can’t find a report you need? Let us know and we can create custom reports to give you the information you need!
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Inventory Management

  • Cerbo’s inventory management system tracks quantity stocked, quantity remaining, expiration date, price, wholesale cost, plus for rxs things like lot number and  NDC.
  • Dispense logs help you track inventory by patient, inventory item, batch/lot, or date.
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Task Management

  • Cerbo’s integrated task management system is a powerful practice management tool that makes sure that nothing falls through the cracks.
Task Management