Cerbo’s integrated billing functions have all that you need to assign charges, handle credit card processing, process recurring subscription charges, create invoices and HCFA-1500 reimbursement forms, and generate billing reports.
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Charge List

Billing starts with your customizable charge list. Your Cerbo build comes pre-loaded with a list of the most common family practice charges and any specialty charge lists that you request. From there, you can add or edit charges as needed to suit your practice. Each charge can (but is not required to) have associated CPT codes – our pre-loaded charges have them where available.

You can set different charges by provider role – for example so that an office visit with a doctor costs more than with a nurse practitioner – and by discounted versus non-discounted patient groups. Charges are added to a note (or, rarely, straight to the patient’s file) using the smart search box provided, where you can type all or part of the charge name, nickname(s) and associated CPT code(s) in any order. Before you add the charge, you’ll have the option to add or edit CPT codes or sub-codes and edit the default charge.

Payments and Credit Card Processing

Cerbo uses charges that you enter to streamline bill pay, populating pre-filled insurance-appropriate invoices, HCFA-1500 reimbursement forms, and billing statements or receipts with the click of a button. For direct-pay practices or anyone who needs to be able to accept payments on the spot, we also support embedded credit card processing with Stripe or Bluefin. We don’t charge for merchant services – you pay only what your merchant services provider charges for credit card transactions, and then you can charge patient credit cards or issue credit card refunds directly from the EMR. You can even opt to give patients the ability to pay bills via the Patient Portal. With integrated credit card processing, you know right away whether a charge went through, and can easily review your transaction history.


For direct pay and concierge clinics, Cerbo supports automatic recurring subscription payments. Patients add a credit card and payments automatically deduct each month, reducing your administrative burden. Additionally Cerbo has an integration with Hint Health, allowing for users to use Hint for their automated Subscription Billing and synching patient data between the two platforms.

Billing Reports

Cerbo’s billing reporting functions generate billing reports suitable for sending to a third party billing service or for internal practice management and administration. You can easily limit billing reports by type of service, provider, date range, paid/unpaid, and more, getting a clear picture of the practice’s financial status, as well as potential opportunities for improvement.