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Practice Scheduling

Cerbo  has a full calendar and scheduling dashboard that makes it simple to manage patient appointments, provider on-call schedules, patient reminders, and tasks.

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The scheduling dashboard allows users to have a concise snapshot view of everything current in the system, including upcoming appointments, tasks, and patient portal requests.

The calendar view and task lists can be sorted by person, giving a practice-wide, partial, or individual view of the schedule as needed. Configurable appointment types are color-coded, making it easy to see at-a-glance what’s coming.

An appointment or task can apply to one person in the practice, everyone in the practice, or any combination of people in between. Additionally, the calendar can be set up with resources, such as Rooms, to allow for managing patient and provider locations.

Tasks, which appear to the right of the calendar in the scheduling dashboard, include things that need to be handled by a provider, such as unsigned notes and incoming order results, as well as user-created items. Each user will see his or her tasks to the right of the calendar, or can pop the block out to manage tasks and view others’ task lists.