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EHR Resources/ Info for COVID-19

By March 16, 2020October 10th, 2022Announcement, How it Works

We’re all adjusting day-by-day to the unique challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Above all, we hope that you’re staying healthy and able to find calm in this stressful time! Read on for tools/ information that we hope will be useful for your clinic during this crisis.


We’ve expedited the roll out of our new native telemedicine module to help clinics go virtual. It’s completely web-based, so there is nothing to download for you or the patient. And it’s fully integrated into appointment scheduling and reminders in Cerbo. More information: 

Email us to turn this on for you!

Mass Communication with Patients

You may want to send out mass emails and/ or post notices about changes or important news during the outbreak. While you cannot send a mass email directly from Cerbo, you can use an integrated Active Campaign account. Or export a list of emails to use in the mass emailing program of your choice.

To send a mass email (other than via the Active Campaign integration), you would first generate your list of patient emails. Then you can upload or copy/ paste that list into your preferred mass emailing program. Do not send mass emails from your regular email account! This can cause your account to be flagged as a spam account. Plus, you run the risk of disclosing patient email addresses to one another.

You can also easily post a notice on the Patient Portal. You can set it to show on all pages, or just specific pages. And you can update this notice at any time.

COVID-19 Lab Testing

The new COVID-19 tests for Quest, LabCorp, and BioReference are available in your orderable labs database! If you already have an electronic integration with the lab, you can add the order and transmit it via the applicable ordering interface. Or you can use the built in printable/ faxable/ saveable lab requisition form.

You can document your COVID test results directly in the patient’s chart. And generate a printable form on your letterhead to give to the patient. A video on how this works is here.

To help find the correct order code, you may want to search by using “Corona” or “Covid” with the lab name, for example: “Covid Quest.”

Cerbo Support

Like many, we have transitioned to work-from-home. And, inevitably, staff schedules are impacted by the crisis – mainly due to kids out of school and home office logistics. We are committed to keeping our staff and our community safe. So we are extending unlimited sick time through the crisis for staff members who are ill or taking care of sick family members.

We are also committed to continuing to provide you with the support that you need in your day-to-day. While we remain available by email and phone, please use email where possible. This helps us to triage and respond most efficiently when so many of us are working remotely.

We know that you may be taking a slower period in the clinic to revisit EHR settings. Please be aware that during this particularly hectic time, “wish list” or general configuration requests to us at Cerbo may be delayed. And, as always, please make sure any requests are complete and finalized before reaching out to us.

If you are on Facebook, consider joining the Cerbo User’s Facebook Group. This is a forum for users to share ideas, workflows, and information. Many of you are wrestling with similar questions about how to adapt and adjust in the face of this crisis, and the user group can be a helpful resource.

Finally, while we are anticipating a slow down in our own business as a result of this crisis, we are well-positioned to weather the storm. We do not anticipate any danger to our operations or disruption to our services.

We’re thinking of all of you during this crisis and are wishing you well. If you need help from us, let us know! We’re all in this together.