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Our Development Wish List

By December 19, 2019October 10th, 2022How it Works, New in Cerbo

Our clients have great ideas about software improvements and additions. And we love turning your ideas into new features and functionality in Cerbo! So, what happens when you send us a feature request or suggestion and we say that we’re adding it to our “wish list?” It may sound awfully nebulous, but we take our wish list seriously.

Before we get to that point, we’ve typically already taken some key steps. First, we’ve generally asked about your use case so we can see if there is solution already available. Sometimes Cerbo handles it, just in a different way than expected. That’s why it can be helpful to focus the request most on what you’re trying to accomplish, without getting into the weeds of how you want the EHR to do it.

Next, we look for a quick fix or simple workaround. How can we get you closest to what you need using available tools?

Finally, we evaluate adding the request to our development wish list. And that requires a quick balancing analysis. How big is the impact for your clinic? How big is the anticipated impact and demand across all our clients? What is the development cost? Any trade-offs in terms of increased complexity or otherwise?

If we see a net improvement, with benefits for a number of clinics, we’ll add it to the wish list. We’ll also make a note of your specific interest. Due to the volume of requests that we receive, we generally can’t provide progress updates on wish list items. But we may reach out to specific interested clients to be beta testers as their requests reach that phase.

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