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New integrations to level-up your tracking + treatment plans

By October 21, 2021October 10th, 2022Announcement, New in Cerbo

If you love data, you’ll love these new third party integrations!


Biocanic is the first of its kind Health Program Intelligence system designed to automatically process and centralize each patient’s key functional lab testing information into an easy-to-review dashboard.  Even for labs that don’t yet provide electronic integrations or structured data! They support a wide range of functional lab tests from blood, hormone, gut, and environmental toxins. From labs like Precision Analytical, Biohealth Labs, Diagnostic Solutions, Great Plains Laboratory, and more. Biocanic also can digest wearables data.

This integration puts a link in the patient’s Cerbo chart directly to their Biocanic Client Functional Summary. With more functionality planned for the future! Visit to learn more and book a 1:1 demo.

Diet ID

Diet ID is a digital dietary assessment and nutrition plan platform. The integration with Cerbo allows you to rapidly measure and monitor diet quality like any other vital sign – directly in the patient’s chart!

First, the patient completes a validated, comprehensive 1-minute pattern recognition assessment in the Diet ID app. That assessment yields, among other things, a Diet Quality Score that syncs automatically to the patient’s vitals in Cerbo. This allows you to track diet quality over time, without detailed food logging or calorie counting. Diet ID also has modules for goal-setting (and tracking), and daily micro challenges.

For more information or to request this integration, contact Diet ID at

Heads Up Health

Heads Up Health is an individualized health tracking tool that integrates clinical, lifestyle, nutritional and self-collected data to deliver personalized analytics and insights. By empowering the individual to self-manage and the provider to remotely monitor using wearable devices, Heads Up aims to improve individual outcomes and increase efficiency. With this integration with Cerbo, you and the patient can see detailed biomarkers all in one place. Track HRV, ketones, deep sleep, fasting intervals, lab results and more, without manual entry!

This integration puts a link in the patient’s Cerbo chart directly to their Heads Up Health dashboard. With more functionality to come in the future! To learn more or sign up for a free starter plan, contact Heads Up Health at