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The Power of Structured Lab Data

By March 8, 2021October 10th, 2022New in Cerbo

For clinics that do lab ordering, electronic lab integrations are a huge convenience. Bi-directional integrations allow you to send lab orders from Cerbo straight to the lab’s computer systems, with no double-entry of patient or order information. And your lab results come directly into the EHR, in original quality (not degraded by faxing) and full color.

Now, integrated lab results are better than ever! Because ALL of the 50 (and growing) labs that we integrate with provide structured lab result data. Precision Analytical is the latest lab to add structured lab result data to their integrated electronic results. For more about Precision Analytical and their comprehensive hormone testing, check out: What Does DUTCH Test?

The benefit of structured lab results is, of course, that they are are graphable and trackable over time. So you can see trends and previous results at a glance. In Cerbo, you can view past results in a tabular view, as well as individual graphs. And you can create tagged groups of results to quickly isolate, for example, the patient’s DUTCH results or other related values that you want to see as a group. Check out our online help article for more about the cool things you can do with Tracking Lab Values & Manually Entered Results.

For some charting magic, you can even quickly pull specific results into the body of your encounter note. This is done (1) from the result document itself, (2) from the structured data results view, or (3) using Chart Parts + text variables. More data, and easier access to that data. What’s not to love?