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We know that your EHR is mission-critical, which is why we and our service partners work hard to make sure Cerbo is running smoothly. When unavoidable performance issues or outages occur, we’ll keep this page updated in real time with status updates and resolution information.

All times below are in Pacific Time.

April 4 11:00AM - Partial Service Disruption for EPCS / Controlled substance prescribing - Resolved

Our Verification Partner has communicated that they are experiencing system latency and errors, which is causing slowness and disruptions when prescribing controlled substances. We are monitoring the situation and will update as updates become available.

March 24 8:04AM - 1:30PM Pacific - Reported Slowness - Resolved

We are aware of the slowness issues affecting some builds and are currently investigating. We have contacted our server host and will provide updates as connectivity is restored.

12:05 PM Pacific

Update – We’ve been successfully working with our hosting provider and are starting to see system performance improvements as we work to transfer affected VMs to their original state.  We will be making transfers the rest of the afternoon and expect to see improved performance increase.

March 7 10:55AM - 11:46AM Pacific - Networking issue preventing outbound traffic - Resolved

We’re currently getting reports that some builds are inaccessible. We have replicated in the local network so it appears to be a networking issue preventing outbound traffic. We have contacted our server host and will provide updates as connectivity is restored.

We note the outage issue has been resolved.

Feb. 22 9:15AM PST - Surescripts outage

There have been reports of errors when prescribing controlled substances to Costco and Meijer Pharmacies this morning. This appears to be related to their internal networks, but we’re monitoring for updates.


Feb. 23 at 1:46PM Pacific

We are closely monitoring the ongoing service outage affecting controlled substance prescribing to select pharmacies. Unfortunately, there is no provided ETA at this time. The recommendation from the prescribing network is to process controlled prescriptions via writing or telephone. States with electronic prescribing mandates have exceptions in cases of incidents like this.

Feb. 8 1:55PM - Brief Outage

Some customers experienced a brief outage (less than 5 minutes) starting at 1:50PM Pacific. This was caused by one of our network firewalls rebooting. We’re working with our host to better explain why the firewall was rebooted outside of a scheduled window.

Feb. 6 6:57AM - Unresponsiveness When Generating Quest Order Requisition - Resolved

Temporary delays might be experienced when transmitting orders to Quest during generation of Quest lab requisitions.

If unresponsiveness is encountered, reload the page. The order might still transmit but a requisition will not be created at this time.
If possible please attempt Quest order transmission later today.
A resolution and ETA from Quest are still pending.

Jan. 25 1:17PM - Intermittent Slowness when Transmitting Orders to Quest - Resolved

We are reaceiving reports of intermittent slowness when transmitting orders to Quest Lab. You may see temporary delays when placing orders or reloading the imported lab results blocks to pickup new orders. If this happens you may want to wait 5 minutes and try again. We have not yet received an ETA from Quest on a resolution so we recommend reaching out to Quest directly regarding details at this time.


Jan. 26th at 9:11AM Pacific Resolved
We are receiving reports that connectivity when transmitting orders to Quest has been resolved.

Jan. 17 12:06PM - Intermittent Unresponsiveness with Quest Ordering - Resolved

Quest Lab’s WSDL services appear to be having intermittent issues, which in turn is causing slowness and unresponsiveness in Cerbo. You may see substantial delays when placing orders or loading in new lab results. If this happens you may want to wait 5 minutes and try again. This is an issue with the Quest ordering system so we don’t have an ETA on a resolution yet, but we’ve reached out to them for details.


2:40PM Pacific Resolved
Quest Connectivity Operations team has confirmed that the issue is resolved on their end and the backlog is clearing.