Cerbo is the backbone of your thriving functional medicine practice, streamlining your workflow so that you can focus less on paperwork and more on patients.

Truly functional charting

  • Uniquely usable “Chart Parts” add custom combinations of text and/or actions to a note with just a few keystrokes – in seconds, order complex lab panels, completely document a simple visit, provide a set of recommendations and handouts, or all of the above and more
  • Simple to add recommendations, lifestyle rxs, or your custom plan items
  • Sharable custom encounter summaries include plan, diagnoses (at your option) and as much or as little of the note’s text as you want
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Engage your patients

  •  A styled to match your practice website patient portal with secure two-way communication, plus communication history is automatically part of the patient’s chart
  • Library of functional/integrative forms and questionnaires, plus we can convert your paper forms and questionnaires into custom electronic forms that go directly into the EMR without scanning or manually entering data
  • Patient can view vitals history, including custom vitals, and add at-home readings
  • Online appointment scheduler
  • Easy sharing of lab results, handouts, encounter summaries, and patient-uploaded docs
  • Supplements list with online refill requests
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Advanced inventory management

  • Inventory management system for supplements, prescriptions, and supplies that you sell in-house
  • Shopify sync available – have your online store sync with your EMR inventory!
  • System tracks wholesale cost as well as prices for inventory items
  • Option to dispense automatically appears when you prescribe something in your inventory

Connect with labs you already use

  • We integrate with functional labs like Genova, Doctors’ Data, Cleveland HeartLab, and Bioreference, as well as standard labs like Quest, LabCorp, CPL, and Direct Labs
  • Electronic lab results can be tracked and graphed
  • Easily share lab results (and other documents) with patient
  • We work with local labs to set up integrations at clients’ requests

Cerbo Integrated Labs

Simplify your billing

  • Full billing system included at no additional charge
  • Support for subscriptions and recurring payments
  • Integrated merchant services
  • Online invoicing and bill-pay via the Patient Portal
  • Extensive billing reports available