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About Us & Our Product

We are a small software company located at the Glass Lab in the industrial eastside of Portland, Oregon.

Our software – Cerbo EHR – is a cloud-based electronic health records (EHR) and patient portal software system. Healthcare offices across the country – and some around the world – use Cerbo for most everything they do in their day-to-day. Cerbo originally started as a developer’s nights-and-weekends project. And has grown into one of the leading EHR systems for functional or “root cause” medicine and membership- or cash-based clinics. Because of our unique origins, we often approach things a bit differently. That is, success for us is not just about the bottom line. It’s more about providing a great product, operating with integrity, and supporting our clients and our team.

We are always looking for exceptional folks to join our collegial, fun, thoughtful team of weirdos (hey, we are in Portland!). Especially:

  • Full stack developers (Cerbo is built on a LAMP stack)
  • Tech-smart implementation and customer support whizzes

As a company, we are committed to having an inclusive workplace, and our office culture is open and collaborative. Our office is located at the Glass Lab in SE Portland.


We provide medical and dental insurance coverage, 401k plan, flexible PTO, standing desks, and periodic staff meals and happy hours.