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Product Update

Tips for Telehealth Visits

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If you weren’t already doing video visits, you probably are now! Or thinking about it. And we have good news! You can now do telehealth visits directly inside your Cerbo EHR using our native video platform. It’s technically in an “open beta phase,” but we’re enabling it by request.

Read on for tips and tricks for success with your video visits.

1. Set up default email notification and reminder text for your Video Visit appointment types. In that text, you may want to instruct the patient to enable their audio and camera before joining the call. You can also let them know there is nothing to download to join the call – just click the link! The meeting link and call in info is automatically included in the notice/ reminder if you check the box “Is telemedicine?” when adding the appointment.

2. Test out your own video and audio settings ahead of time. Do a test call with a staff member or friend to make sure your computer’s camera, microphone, and speakers are working as expected. You do not need any special equipment to do video calls, but a headset may be helpful to get the best audio quality.

3. Use the Cerbo schedule to add your telemedicine appointments and share connection information with the patient! You can always start an impromptu (unscheduled) call and share connection information on the fly. But using scheduling in Cerbo means being able to send connection info ahead of time to patients, and more easily seeing on your end what you have upcoming as well as past calls.

4. You may want to have patients sign a consent form that is specific to video visits. If you don’t have one, we have a stock consent that we can post for you. But be sure to check your local laws and regulations to make sure your consent covers the necessary bases!

5. Tile the video with the encounter note to ease charting. Before you join the video call, go to the patient’s chart and open your encounter note. Then start the call from the My Links menu, and select the option to open it inline/ in the encounter note. Remember, you can still access all parts of the patient’s chart in the encounter view! Just double click on a block’s colored header bar to expand it.

Good luck! And please let us know your questions, feedback, or what you wish you had known!





Manage your Own Encounter Note Types

By Feature, New in Cerbo

You now have the ability to add/ edit/ delete/ reorganize your own encounter note categories. Check it out under Admin > Manage > Encounter Note Types.

Notably, you can now set specific encounter types to NOT share a visit summary on the Patient Portal when the note is signed. So if you sometimes use encounter notes for internal or administrative notes, you can set those not to to be shared. Admittedly, this functionality isn’t exactly new, but it previously had to be set by us at Cerbo. Now you can join in the fun too!

You can also set the encounter type ordering in the drop down selector menu. And set the icons for your different encounter note types. Do you notice particular gaps in the icon selection? Send us a note with encounter type icon ideas you’d like to see included in a future release!

Image showing how to add and edit encounter type in Cerbo EMR.

Advanced Patient Search – more advanced than ever!

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Meet the recently-overhauled Advanced Patient Search! Your favorite patient-reporting tool is now ultra-powerful, with new and updated filters and a colorful new look.

As always, you can use the Advanced Patient Search to generate patient lists based on demographic information, date filters, and specific information in their charts. So you can:

  • Generate a patient mailing list or list for an email blast
  • Use your custom critatia to see which patients to contact about scheduling an appointment
  • Create patient lists by status, tag, or other criteria
  • See which patients may have received a medication or supplement that was subject to a recall
  • And much, much more!

The overhaul brings more – and more powerful – filters and search criteria. Try it out and see what you think!

Image showing Advanced Patient Search filters in Cerbo EMR.

Reporting Improvements and New Menu Item Names

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Billing/ Reporting Reorganization

We’re excited about a long-overdue reorganization of the Billing/ Reporting section of Cerbo! The reports themselves haven’t changed much, although there are improvements. But we reworked the organization and presentation of the reporting section. Hopefully it will make your lives – and the lives of your bookkeepers – easier!

We reorganized the Financial Reports to highlight the most commonly used reports, group similar reports together, and de-prioritize “retired” reports (which remain available). We also overhauled the descriptions of each report, and in some cases renamed reports, to more clearly reflect their contents and use. Finally, we renamed the “Search by Patient” tab to “A/R & Pt Balances.”

Non-Financial Reports moved into their own tab, and now include reports that were previously found in various different spots in the system.

Small but Mighty Menu Improvements

With the increased prominence of the non-financial reports, we needed a new name for the main Billing menu. So, we changed it to “Reporting.” Then, to avoid confusion with the existing “Reports” menu, we changed that to “Generate.”

Why “Generate?” The menu formerly known as “Reports” is where you would create various printable/ faxable/ saveable documents, as well as access the patient’s updated Wellness Plan and Timeline. “Generate” applies to both types of items within the menu, and is unlikely to cause confusion with other functionality.

The options under the renamed Generate menu are exactly the same as they were under Reports. But you’ll notice some changes under the renamed Reporting menu. Specifically, we removed redundant options that are available under other menus and added direct links to pages within the reporting dashboard.

We’re always mindful that changes to the navigation can be disorienting. In this case, we felt that the changes were worth the switch. We hope that you agree!

Dropdown menus of "Reporting" and "Generate" options in Cerbo EMR software.

Patient Portal Design Update

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Cerbo has recently give our Patient Portal a design refresh to make it easier for patients to use and to give it a more modern look. All of our customers have the option of having their Patient Portal customized to look and feel like their website. With this new design, the Patient Portal is even more customizable so your patients will feel they’re still within your digital ecosystem. Check out the new design by creating a demo account!

Cerbo EMR's new design of the Patient Portal.

Updated Patient Portal Icons

By Design Update

As much as we loved the late 2000s, here at Cerbo we thought it was time to join the modern age of icon design so we went ahead and updated the default icons for the Patient Portal.



EHR software's previous icon designs


EHR software's new icon designs

Lab Tracker Update

By Feature, Product Update

We’ve added a new window for tracking a patient’s lab results (manually added data and data sent by any of our integrated lab partners), with the new ability to create tags (to track specific groups of lab values), merge lab values (if two are the same and should be tracked as one), new view filters (date, reverse order), the ability to rename a field, and easily push results into the body of a SOAP note