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EHR Features

Built for direct primary care (DPC) and functional medicine practices, Cerbo has the tools and flexiblity you need to help your innovative practice thrive.
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Simply Better Charting

  • Cerbo’s all-in-one-screen layout means that you can still view – and work in – the rest of the patient’s chart while in the encounter note view.
  • Uniquely usable “Chart Parts” add custom combinations of text and/or actions to a note with just a few keystrokes – in seconds, order complex lab panels, completely document a simple visit, provide a set of recommendations and handouts, or all of the above and more
  • Simple to add recommendations, lifestyle rxs, or your custom plan items
  • Sharable custom encounter summaries include plan, diagnoses (at your option) and as much or as little of the note’s text as you want
  •  Fillable physical exam templates, and an extensive functional review of systems form come standard, and we have specialty fillable forms pre-built for aesthetic procedures, hublot spirit of big bang replica traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture consults, chiropractic exams, plus a variety of markable images.
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Labs, Pharmacies, and Specialists

  • We offer integrations with dozens of commonly-used standard and functional laboratories, and always adding more!
  • Easy to manage and send information to your local labs, pharmacies, radiologists, and outside specialists.
  • Patients can view and edit their preferred pharmacies via the Patient Portal, so you always have the most up-to-date information.
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Supplement Management

  • Using Cerbo’s extensive supplements database or your custom list, easily prescribe and manage supplement prescriptions, renewals, and even inventory in Cerbo.
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Prescription Management

  • Writing prescriptions is quick and easy, thanks to integrated smart-searching, a medication short list that gets smarter the more prescriptions you write, and easy-to-use dosing profiles.
  • Built in eRx, including controlled substances and compounded medications.
  • The Patient Portal is an great tool for making sure that the patient can always see a current medication list, along with any special instructions, and easily request refills.
  • Support for compounded medications, like bio-identical hormones.
  • Medication summary appears prominently on the patient dashboard, remaining easily accessible even when you have an encounter note open.
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  • We integrate with dozens of labs so that you can send orders and receive results electronically, and easily track results over time.
  • Other integrations available for additional functionality around patient communications, inventory management, subscription billing, and more.
  • If we don’t offer functionality you’re looking for natively or via an integration, we have an API that you can use to build out whatever you need!
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