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Simply Better Charting

Charting in Cerbo is flexible, powerful, and fast. Easily add your notes, diagnoses, prescriptions, lab orders (including specialty labs), plus supplements, IVs, and custom recommendations like dietary or movement rxs. Layer on our ultra-flexible charting templates to create complex, customized documentation in record time.
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Intuitive Layout

Cerbo’s all-in-one-screen layout means that you can still view – and work in – the rest of the patient’s chart while in the encounter note view. No need to tab between screens. While some parts of the record appear minimized to save space, they remain easily accessible. And you can set your own default encounter note view per user, so that you will always see what’s most important to you at a glance.

The main text block is for all of your free text notes about the visit. In addition to typing, you can use flexible Chart Part templates to complete your note, replica best watches as well as push in information from the patient’s questionnaires and add context-specific information from their chart. There’s no length limit, so you can be as detailed as you want. And frequent auto-saving – once per minute – protects against loss of work.

The formal assessment, plan, and charges are added in the blocks to the right. Dynamic searches, and automatically created preferred short lists make it easy to find and add information. Once the visit is done, it’s simple to share your Assessment and Plan with the patient via printout or on the Patient Portal.

Prefer talking to typing? You can use any speech-to-text program with a browser plugin (like Dragon) to dictate your notes into the free text block. Or upload your dictation file and assign it to a limited dictation user for transcription/proofing.

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Your Treatment Plan

Formal prescribable/orderable plan items include all the usual things, like prescription medications and lab and radiology orders. Cerbo also comes pre-loaded with an extensive generic supplement database and the ability to quickly add in branded supplement lists, or your own custom supplement lists. We even have integrated options and functionality for tracking inventory that you sell in-house, syncing between your online Shopify store, and linking up with third-party supplement dispensary services.

For integrative and functional medicine practices, or anyone using custom modalities, you can create and save your ordering protocols for IV therapies and injections, and add your own, totally custom prescribable items for things like movement rxs, dietary recommendations, and more!

Sharing the treatment plan is as simple as signing your note to automatically make your detailed plan available to the patient on the Patient Portal. You can also use the Wellness Plan tracker to create and easily share an updatable, comprehensive treatment plan spanning all of the patient’s encounters.

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Chart Parts

Cerbo’s unique, ultra-flexible Chart Parts templating system lets you quickly add your own custom mix of: text to the main text area, diagnoses to the Assessment, lab orders and other treatment plan items to the Plan, as well as charges and handouts. Use it, for example, to [bullet list]:

  • Auto-complete words or phrases in your note
  • Add a text outline or block of narrative text to encounter text area – which can insert static text, as well as context-specific information from the patient’s chart
  • Lab panels
  • Differential dx info, to edit in the particular case to reflect the chosen diagnosis and applicable treatment plan
  • Groups of diagnoses, plan items (rxs, orders, supplements, etc.), and charges

To use your template, type a Chart Part name or nickname in the main text area, and select from matching results that appear to the left. Text from the selected Chart Part goes in the main text block, while diagnoses, plan items, and charges appear as suggested actions that can quickly be dismissed or accepted in the particular case.

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Fillable Template Forms

Cerbo also supports traditional pop up fillable template charting forms. Fillable physical exam templates, and an extensive functional review of systems form come standard, and we have specialty fillable forms pre-built for aesthetic procedures, traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture consults, chiropractic exams, plus a variety of markable images. Need something custom? We can help with that too!