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Personalized Onboarding

Adopting a new EHR takes time and energy. Our team is here to help yours get the most out of that investment.

We’re invested in your success! Which is why each new clinic that comes on board is assigned their own implementation manager – a friendly, knowledgeable, and responsive guide through the onboarding and training process. All training is done remotely, via screen-sharing training calls, which are tailored to fit the needs of your practice. For small practices, one or two training calls generally are enough for users to start feeling confident in the new system. For larger or more complex practices, there would be more training calls, segmented by users’ roles in the office. In any case, additional training can be scheduled as needed!

Solo practice versus group, starting practice versus established, what services you offer, your strengths and preferences – every clinic’s needs are different! Our personalized approach helps you get the most out of your new EHR software.