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Cerbo Update Log

Summer, 2023 Updates

Read on below for a summary of the notable updates in Cerbo EHR happening in August, 2023! We push updates out on a rolling basis to clients, so everyone does not get the update at exactly the same time. But everyone will receive the update within a few weeks. When your build is updated, you will see a “You have been updated” notice on your EHR login page.


Settings added to the top menu in the EHR, replacing Preferences

Charges & Payment Processing

Auto-discounting rules
Bulk applying discounts to estimated charges
Payment allocation overhaul
New payment processor integration with Propelr!
Stripe integration upgrades to include payment plans, more robust subscription options, and better visibility for troubleshooting
Bulk-dispensing supplements and products from inventory
Better charge list searching

Patient Portal

Push questionnaire back to portal as draft
Patient portals now better comply with ADA guidelines
Appointment location shows on patient portal

Calendar/ Scheduling/ Tasks

Appointment notes excluded from ical sync
Assigning documents and tasks to resources

Patient Information

Patient-specific lab results export
Patient vitals history printable view


Practice Documents/ handouts upgrades
Sent electronic package faxes show the list of attached documents
Rich text files (RTF) can now be previewed and viewed within Cerbo

Charting/ Prescribing/ Plan

Chart Parts omit any supplements or medications that have been deleted
New option to include the signed date on the printable encounter summary
IV and injections improvements
Add patient’s preferred pharmacy in the course of routing an e-prescription
Increased visibility for medication dosage amounts
Prescribers must have a role of “Primary Provider”

Third Party Integrations

Unlink a mis-matched patient from the linked Fullscript account
ActiveCampaign – more fields available to sync to AC via the integration, and more control over which fields sync
New immunization registry reporting integrations

Lab Integrations

Results-only integration with Apollo ReCODE tests through Premier Labs
De-duplication when sending orders to Quest, and warning message if the number of included tests exceeds Quest’s order limits
Update to Access Lab integration for new specimen requirement.
Clearer error messaging in LabCorp sending window
De-duplication when sending orders to CPL
Removal or insurance-reimbursable diagnosis requirement for sending orders to Vibrant America
Rupa Health integration in beta testing
Other new lab integrations

Financial Reporting

Patient Credit Card Report improvements
Fix for prescription medication ambiguity on the Inventory Sales Report
Export Charges to Excel now includes charge notes
Estimated Charges Report now shows expiration dates
New “synced” flag on the Encounter Report for clients that are integrated with OPS for insurance billing

Non-Financial Reporting

Pre-filter the Lab Values Tracking report and the Credit Card Report
New reports on all patients with specific preferred facilities
Users with Scheduler Only permission can now run the Advanced Patient Search
Patient tags and tag notes now shown on the Calendar Report

API/ Webhooks

New API endpoints for patient images, preferred facilities, medication and supplement dosing
API adjustments for fetching patient encounters, and patient search

Performance Improvements

General Improvements