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Cerbo Update Log

Spring, 2024 Updates

Some features may not be available as not all clinics will receive the update at the same time

EHR Users/ Access

Users can initiate their own password reset
2-factor authentication now has a voice call option

Charges & Payment Processing

Discounts based on wholesale price
Improvements to charge/ credit balance allocation between shared family accounts and for charges with insurance responsibility amounts
Improvement to group/ corporate invoice
Option to show the non-discounted total on service receipts and estimates
Propelr integration now supports ACH, including subscriptions via ACH
Fix for family/ small group subscriptions where the primary member does not have their own subscription
Automated ACH subscriptions
Bulk charge deletion
Additional visibility for the paid/ unpaid status of estimated charges
Performance improvements for the insurance payments page


Search added to Admin > Manage > Radiologists
Outbound emails from Cerbo now include a plain text version
Calendar sync URLs are now available for Resources (not just for users)


New option to mass-update patients’ statuses from the Advanced Patient Search
Overhauled Sales Tax Report
Optimized Calendar Report
Revenue per Patient report – filter by payment type added
Export users’ task histories
Improvements to the End of Day/ Week/ Month Report for Propelr users
For Stripe users that collect credit card information on the registration form, Cerbo no longer performs a zip code validation
Adjustment to how insurance billable amounts show in the Allocation Summary Report

Calendar/ Scheduling

Patient tags that are set to show on the calendar now show on the printable calendar report
If the patient has multiple appts in one day, marking the first one as checked-in status will mark the rest as checked-in status

Patient Documents

Patient documents moving to Amazon S3

Medications/ Supplements/ Allergies

Additional information sent with eRxs
New option to bulk-delete alternate plan options that have never been used
Added the ability to manage alternate plan sub-profilies from Admin > Manage > Alternate Plan Options
If a provider adds justifying diagnoses on a prescription, those now show on the faxable/ printable prescription
If a patient has NKDA in their allergies block, that will be automatically removed if a drug allergy is added

Encounter Notes/ Treatment Plan

Additional option when cloning encounter notes
If encounter notes are set to open in a new window, that now applies to both new and existing notes
Improved encoding handling in Chart Parts and encounter notes
New review all/ accept all options for diagnoses, non-supplement alternate plan items, and medications that are associated with Chart Part templates

Patient Portal

Improvement to “Log into Portal as Patient”
Saved patient questionnaire remains available
Improvement to the loading time of the encounter history page
The online new patient registration form now supports dates of birth in the future


  • New API endpoint to “read” patients’ preferred pharmacies.
  • New properties returned when fetching patient charges via the API that include the details of any payment(s) that are allocated toward those charges.
  • New API endpoints for estimated charges.

Lab and Third Party Integrations

State Immunization Reporting improvements and additions
New option to send a fax to a dummy fax number
The Heads up Health summary frame can be expanded within the patient chart, or popped out into a new window
The Wellevate integration was merged with Fullscript and removed
New bi-directional lab integrations with CGM Medicus and CGM LabDAQ
New option, available by request, to auto-file mass historical lab results that are sent by the lab via the integration
LabCorp codes for Access Medical orders
Access Medical labs integration can now support multiple integrated accounts for a single clinic
Improvement to keep lab results separate/ non-merged if they are distinct but sent under the same name
New option to add the kit number for Genova kits sold from the office
DICOM images now can be previewed and viewed in the EHR