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Video Library

Introduction to Cerbo EHR

Cerbo is a full Electronic Health Records system and Patient Portal, meaning that just about everything that your healthcare office does in the day to day can be done in Cerbo – 6 min

Chart Parts Basics

Short video on how to use Chart Parts in Cerbo for your encounter templates and quick text – 11 min


Introduction to Cerbo’s native, browser-based video calling functionality – 14 min

Bidirectional Integrated Labs

Quick guide to ordering via integrated ordering interfaces and receiving integrated results – 9 min

Quest Labs Integration

How to send lab orders electronically to Quest, and receive and file results that come directly into the EHR – 8 min

LabCorp Integration

How to send lab orders electronically to LabCorp, and receive and file results that come directly into the EHR 5 min

Cerbo Livestream Series

Below are recordings of our livestream events covering different topics and functionality in Cerbo EHR.

Building Chart Parts Based on Questionnaires

Webinar May 2023 ~21 min

Managing Family Relationships and Family Billing

Webinar March 2023- ~28 min

Winter 2022 Update

Highlight review of the update rolling out at the end of 2022. – ~28 min

Next Available Appointment Tool

Tool to find the next available appointment that will be available soon with our next update 13 min

Genova Bi-Directional Integration

A review of requesting and submitting labs through the Genova Bi-Directional Integration
October 2022 – 19min


Patient Portal Queue

Tips & Tricks (Filters, auto file options, etc.) when handling requests in the Patient Portal Queue (PPQ) 30 min

Health Maintenance Trackers

The Health Maintenance block can be used to see at a glance if a patient is up-to-date on certain things that you want to track 22 min

Spring 2022 New Features Review

Highlights from the recent Cerbo software update released
May/June 2022 – 29 min


Advanced Patient Search

The Advanced Patient Search is a powerful tool for generating patient reports and lists based on your custom criteria. – 26 min

Chart Parts Intensive

All about Chart Parts flexible encounter note charting templates, from basics to advanced – 1 hour 8 min

Alternate Plan Options

Basics, use cases, and tips for using Alternate Plan Options in Cerbo to turbo-charge your treatment plans – 35 min


All about adding, dispensing, ordering, and tracking inventory (for supplements, products, lab kits, rxs) in Cerbo 54 min

Managing your Questionnaires Page

How to organize your Forms/ Questionnaires page on the Patient Portal, and set rules for who can see which forms – 25 min

Summer 2021 Update Highlights

Highlights from the recent Cerbo software update released
June/ July 2021 – 44 min

Adding and Managing Structured Lab Data

Best practices on adding, managing, viewing, and pushing structured lab results  into an encounter using chart parts in Cerbo
September 2021 – 33 min

New eRx Workflow

A review of the updates to eRx and the new prescribing system
November 2021 – 38 min

Cerbo Walkthrough Videos

The below videos together form a walkthrough of the entire Cerbo EHR system. They were recorded with new onboarding clients in mind, so highlight some common setup questions and choices. But these videos are also a great spot for any new Cerbo users to get a general understanding of the system.

Calendar Basics

Basic information about how to use the calendar in Cerbo, and how to add and edit appointments – 11 min

Setting Up Appointment Types, Notifications, & Reminders

How to add and edit your appointment types, and the associated notification and reminders – 12 min

Work Schedules

How to set up work schedules to designate when providers or resources are available for appointments – 7 min

Patient Portal and Patient Portal Queue

All about the custom-branded Patient Portal in Cerbo, and handling incoming requests from the Patient Portal Queue. 28 min

Patient Charts, Labs, Payment Processing

Overview of the patient chart in Cerbo, as well as lab ordering/ results in general, and integrated payment processing options – 53 min

Charting Patient Visits

All about documenting patient encounters and treatment plans – 51 min

Checking In and Checking Out Patient Visits

How to check in and check out patient visits, including taking payment and generating invoices/ receipts – 19 min