You know what they say –  a video is worth 10,000 words! With that in mind, we’ve put together a collection of introductory videos to give you an idea about what you can do with Cerbo.

Introduction to Cerbo, including basic scheduling, the patient dashboard, and SOAP/encounter notes.

Tips to make using MD HQ faster and easier, including mouse options, icons, hot key keyboard shortcuts, smart searches, and “sticky notes”.

Introduction to the configurable patient portal, showing how patients view records, submit requests and messages, and pay bills online.

Quick guide to patient portal management in the EMR, showing how providers handle patient portal requests and secure messages.

 Overview of encounter note charting: how to add the assessment, plan, charges, and notes, fax to pharmacies and labs, and attach files.

Overview of advanced charting features: using Chart Parts, template forms, and Quick Add to quickly complete your encounter notes.

Overview of basic billing functions in MD HQ, such as adding charges and payments, allocating funds, and generating patient account statements.

Video tutorial for how to send lab orders electronically to Quest Labs, and receive and file results that come directly into the EMR.