We believe in transparent pricing with no hidden costs or fees. Plus, we don’t lock you in with long-term contracts and hefty cancellation fees. If you want to leave Cerbo, we will even export all of your patient data for free.

Our monthly subscription pricing is based on the number and types of users that you have in Cerbo and whether you have any optional add-ons (like integrated incoming fax and/or the Patient Portal).

There is also a one-time set up fee, with discounts available on that if you have no data to import from another EMR, and/or do not need custom patient fillable forms/questionnaires, but are comfortable selecting from our extensive forms library. The set up fee can be paid in installments over the first year.

For example: a practice with 1 prescribing provider, 1 admin/MA, incoming fax, and Patient Portal would pay $346 for their monthly subscriptions. A typical practice is likely to spend less than 1% of billing on Cerbo, compared to 3-7% of billing charged for similar EHR solutions.

Take a look at our pricing information below or feel free to contact us to set up a time to walk you through Cerbo and provide you with a quote.

New Practice Special

We know how tough it is to start out on your own, often while holding down your “day job”, and we have a special package to make our system more affordable for new, part-time solo/micro practices with less than 30 patients: Primary provider charged at half time rate for the first 6 months (requirement for a full-time primary provider license waived) Patient Portal free for the first year.

Monthly Subscription ChargesBased on number of users

$ 19 -219

per user, per monthAt Cerbo we charge a sliding monthly fee based on the type of user and their employment time (full, half, or quarter time). Please see the table below for details.


Full Time Half Time Quarter Time
Per Primary Prescribing Provider $219 per month $129 per month* $89 per month*
Per Primary Non-Prescribing Provider $199 per month $119 per month* $79 per month*
One full-time primary provider license is required on each account.*** Additional users may be charged at the applicable part time rate.
Per Secondary Supporting/Alternate Provider** $99 per month* $59 per month* $39 per month*
Per Administrative Staff Person, Medical Assistant, or Nurse*** $49 per month $29 per month $19 per month
Per Limited User (schedule-only, biller, reports-only) No monthly charge, one-time $25 set up charge
Multi-provider practice only
**Ex: Dietitian, wellness coach, acupuncturist, etc. – available for additional providers in a multi-provider practice only
*** Discounts/comped licenses available for larger practices.

ONE time Set-up FeeCan be spread over 12 monthly payments.

$ 1,195 - 1,895

One Time
  • Includes:
  • Set up of your private dedicated cloud server
  • A custom subdomain of md-hq.com
  • Security certificates
  • Patient Portal styled to match your website
  • Custom fillable forms/questionnaires (up to 15 pages)
  • Workflow configuration
  • Basic graphical customization
  • User training.

Patient Portal (Optional)Optional

$ 59 - 199

Per Month
  • Free for new practices!
    (<30 patients and <6 months in business)
  • $59/month for up to 1000 patient practice
  • $99/month for 1001-2000 patient practice
  • $199/month for 2001-5000 patient practice

Incoming Fax (Optional)Optional Integrated Incoming Fax

$ 19

Per Month
Integrated Incoming Fax (up to 500 pages per line per month or 200 pages per line per month for toll-free fax numbers) $19/month
Integrated Outgoing Fax (up to 250 pages per provider per month) Included
Additional Fax Pages $0.09/page