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We understand what makes a functional practice functional. In fact, Cerbo was built with a functional medicine provider with functional medical practices built into Cerbo from the beginning…

our unique, ultra-flexible Chart Parts system lets you create your own combinations of text, facilities, suggested actions, and even certain information from the patient’s file, to quickly add to the note. This tool is super-flexible – use it, for example, to add any combination of:

  • Text phrases, such as short, often-used phrases that you don’t want to retype (or misspell) over and over
  • A text outline for your subjective and objective notes
  • Lab panels
  • Differential dx info, which you would edit in the particular case to reflect the chosen diagnosis and applicable treatment plan
  • Groups of diagnoses, plan items (rxs, orders, supplements, etc.), and charges

Functional Forms DB

Built in and editable Supplement default database. Additionally we offer supplement compendiums from some of the leading supplement providers in the functional space.